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We have sourced a variety of products that our practitioners stand by.
These products are available in store only.

Mobeco Cork Roller

The Cork Roller is perfect for larger muscle groups like quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and thoracic spine. The Cork Roller is more intense than regular rollers due to its smaller diameter and firm material. It covers more surface area for fast relief of aches and pains. It is less intense than the Cork Baller and Cork Peanut.
Cork roller has a lower profile and is firmer, meaning it can be easier to use under calves, quads and adductors, unlike high profile foam types. 
If you already have a larger foam type roller this is a great addition to your mobility kit. Keep your current roller to compare and use for variety.

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Mobeco Cork Peanut

This product relieves shoulder, neck, foot, lower leg, mid and lower back pain. Perfect for massaging down your spine. The middle groove avoids the spine bones to ensure only the muscle is massaged. The Cork Peanut is best used against the wall for a gentler massage or lay on your back for more intense sensation. The Cork Peanut can be used across and long ways on most parts of the body. It's light weight, discrete and can be used under your desk.
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Mobeco Cork Ball

The Cork Ball is perfect for every spot, hips, glutes, back, chest, trapezius the list goes on. Our most versatile tool but also the most intense as the Cork Baller uses a smaller surface area and uses only one point of pressure. This is the tool you can take anywhere. It's light weight, petit, and can be used discreetly under your desk.
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Wheatbag love lavendar

Wheatbags are soothing, warming and offer natural pain relief to sore muscles and aching joints
Our wheatbags are longer in length and so fit comfortably across shoulders, tummies, lower backs, feet and our customers use them for sore shoulders, tight necks, period cramps, aching lower backs and stomach pain amongst many other uses!

Made in Australia from all natural cotton, wheat and your choice of lavender or clove (or unscented) they are the perfect addition to every home and workplace.

Each wheatbag also comes with it’s own gift box so they make great presents to send to loved ones!
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Eye Pillow lavender

Eyepillows have a lot of uses such as easing headaches and migraines, helping sore eyes and helping you relax and get to sleep easier.
You can use them cold, warm or just at room temperature. The small size is prefect for over your eyes or use it as a mini heat pack elsewhere on your body.

Made in Australia from all natural cotton, wheat and your choice of lavender or rose (or unscented) they are the perfect addition to every home.

Each eye pillow also comes with it’s own gift box so they make great presents to send to loved ones!
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Fisiocrem is herbal massage gel containing menthol and naturally derived active ingredients for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.
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Biofreeze is a cooling gel providing temporary relief form minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with arthritis, backache, strains and sprains.  Available in a tube and as a roll on gel.
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Spikey Ball 

The spike massage ball is used to perform self-massage and muscle release techniques, simulating the effect of a sports massage. Rectifying complaints such as sports injuries, workplace soreness and general posture problems.

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Foam Roller 

(30cm and 90cm in length)- stretch your tight muscles, increase mobility and circulation with our foam rollers.

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Booty Bands 

(Premium Cotton Elastic)- Muscle activation for your Glutes, Quads and Abs

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Improve your posture with our PostureFit braces. 

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Gift Voucher

We now have Gift Certificates are Available. Give us a much as you like. Purchase conveniently online and Include a custom message to your loved one. They will receive a beautiful gift certificate straight to their inbox from you.
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