Yumi Iwasaki Lewis

Member of Massage Myotherapy Australia and International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy
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Yumi has completed diploma of remedial massage and has been massaging for over 15 years .

Worked at clinic, corporate settings, event massage at Gold Coast marathon , Golf competition, Commonwealth game , mobile massage and 5 star hotels and clinics. Yumi has been building her own massage style combine with all different soft tissue techniques, cupping , dry needling , eastern philosophy type of body work .

From her experience Yumi has been discovering  and experiencing body and mind connection so learnt more about Psychosomatic side of therapy ( body and mind connection based study) now she works with balance between body and mind to get full awareness of body .

She believes balance of life helps to gain optimum healths she has studied rehabilitation exercise as allied health assistant to understand how patients could maintain quality of life through exercise.

She also has been teaching at Massage Schools of Queensland as part time lecturer for international student for 10 years and holding own workshops currently working at Foundation Health.

She uses the most effective techniques for each condition and type of the body during her treatment to unlock resistance in the body and restore body's original balance itself.

“For me, recognizing what is going on our body gives us an awareness to see where we need to focus on to make a  better change to ourselves.It creates positive intentions physically and mentally in life and it leads up to have a power to maintain own health and live in a state of wellbeing .”

Member of Massage Myotherapy Australia and International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy.

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