Dr Damien Cooper

Masters of Osteopathic Medicine, Southern Cross University
Provider No: 5507782T

My name is Damien, I’ve recently moved back to the Northern Rivers after running my own little osteopathy clinic in Newcastle the last 4 years.

I’m a big believer in taking an active role in your own health and well-being and also believe in practicing what you preach. I’ve done a a variety of different physical modalities including football, basketball, yoga and gymnastics based strength and mobility training.

Physical wellness is only one aspect of holistic wellness so other important areas of focus for me are community, quiet time and meditation as well as expression through music (mostly guitar and singing). These are the less visible aspects of health but hold similar importance!

My approach to treatment is very much an integration of hands on therapy, education and prescription of different body movements to help re-establish a confident relationship with the body. Often many aches, pains and reoccurring injuries are related to a lack of awareness in the body or more commonly, the issue is in the approach to moving throughout daily life in the way that we habitually do.
Connecting on a human level is always my first priority and together creating an agreed pathway to recovery and optimisation is the plan. The ultimate goal is to reduce and even prevent the re occurrence of pain or injury.

Although I do take my health and my patients health seriously at the end of the day I’m a relaxed and easy going person who loves to laugh and have a great time in this beautiful miracle we call life!

I’m looking forward to connecting with whoever reads this!

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