Visceral Manipulation is a form of manual therapy, focusing on the internal organs and their fascial or ligamentous attachments to various systems within the body. Originated by Jean-Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath, it employs gentle, specifically placed manual forces that encourage normal mobility, tone and inherent tissue motion of the viscera, their connective tissue and other areas of the body where physiologic motion has been impaired.

The practice operates on the premise that movement is a fundamental aspect of life and health, proposing that decreased or abnormal organ mobility can lead to various physical conditions. The practitioner uses their hands to evaluate the dynamic functional actions as well as the somatic structures that perform individual activities.

While visceral manipulation has received mixed reception in evidence-based medicine due to lack of large-scale clinical trials supporting its efficacy, it remains an area of interest for complementary and alternative medicine with anecdotal evidence suggesting potential benefits for a variety of health concerns including musculoskeletal pain, post-operative scar tissue, female reproductive issues and gastrointestinal disorders.

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