Sutures are a category of medical devices used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. Employed in the healing process, they range from absorbable types that degrade over time within the body, to non-absorbable ones designed for permanent implementation or later removal. Their materials can vary significantly, comprising synthetic polymers or natural substances like silk and catgut.

Historically originating from Ancient Egypt, sutures have evolved over centuries with advancements in surgical techniques and material sciences. Today’s sutures exhibit properties such as high tensile strength, knot security, minimal tissue reaction, and sterility. They find applications across diverse medical specialties including general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and orthopedics.

The selection of suture type is dictated by numerous factors: wound location and size; patient age and health status; potential for infection; desired rate of healing. The correct choice can reduce complications post-operation and accelerate recovery times. Sutures thus remain an indispensable tool in modern medicine.

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