Suboccipital Release

Suboccipital release is a manual therapy technique targeting the suboccipital muscles located at the base of the skull. These muscles, including the rectus capitis posterior major, rectus capitis posterior minor, obliquus capitis superior, and obliquus capitis inferior, play instrumental roles in head movement and stabilization. Misalignment or tension in these muscles can lead to symptoms such as headaches and neck pain.

In a suboccipital release procedure, a trained practitioner applies gentle pressure to the area, slowly releasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. This intervention aids in improving blood flow, reducing pain, enhancing range of motion, and restoring proper function of these pivotal muscles. Though simple in execution, this technique requires expert anatomical knowledge given its proximity to critical neurological structures.

Suboccipital release is often utilized within a broader therapeutic regimen such as chiropractic care or physiotherapy. It has seen application in addressing conditions like cervicogenic headaches and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), underscoring its relevance in neuromuscular health.

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