Subclavian Artery

The Subclavian Artery is a major conduit for blood that is responsible for supplying the upper limbs, thoracic wall, and parts of the head and neck. Emerging from the aorta—the main and largest artery in the human body—it branches out into various vessels to fulfill its mission. The subclavian artery’s course and relations differ on each side of the body due to embryological changes.

This artery can be divided into three sections for descriptive purposes: first, from its origin to the medial border of scalenus anterior; second, behind this muscle; third, from the lateral edge of scalenus anterior to the outer border of the first rib where it continues as axillary artery. Each section gives off specific branches that cater to different anatomical regions.

Despite its concealed location beneath collarbone (clavicle), it has clinical relevance because obstructions or injuries can lead to serious conditions like subclavian steal syndrome or upper limb ischemia. Understanding this artery’s anatomy aids in surgical interventions and diagnosis of vascular diseases.

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