Structural alignment is a computational approach in bioinformatics utilised to determine the three-dimensional arrangement of proteins and other macromolecules. This technique, often used for protein sequence comparison, leverages the concept that molecules with similar structures may have analogous functions or evolutionary origins. It primarily involves assessing the geometric congruity of atomic coordinates in molecular structures.

The method gives rise to an understanding of functionally relevant regions, determining shared evolutionary ancestry, and predicting function of uncharacterised proteins. Its application spans various areas such as drug discovery and molecular modelling. Despite its utility, the process can be computationally intensive because it often requires comparing all pairs of residues between two structures.

In an effort to improve efficiency, different algorithms have been developed including DALI, CE, SSAP and TM-align. Each offers unique strengths in addressing specific structural alignment challenges. Structural alignment remains a cornerstone in the field of bioinformatics offering invaluable insight into the study of life on the molecular level.

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