Scalene muscles constitute a group of three pairs of muscles in the lateral neck, namely anterior, middle and posterior scalenes. These are characterized by their uneven size – a feature from which they derive their name ‘scalene,’ meaning ‘uneven’ in Greek. The primary function of these muscles is to facilitate breathing by elevating the first two ribs and tilting the neck to the side.

These muscles originate from the cervical vertebrae and attach to the first and second ribs. Their strategic positioning provides stability to the cervical spine, thus aiding in movements like rotation and flexion of the neck. They also play a role in thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition that causes pain in shoulders and neck plus numbness in fingers.

The scalene muscles are innervated by the anterior rami of the lower four cervical spinal nerves. Any impairment or injury to these nerves can lead to painful conditions such as scalenus syndrome or neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, emphasizing their importance in maintaining overall muscular health.

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