Sacroiliac Mobility

Sacroiliac Mobility is the degree of movement within the sacroiliac joint, a vital connection between the spine and pelvis. Characterised by limited motion due to its unique structure and supporting ligaments, it allows for necessary torsion during locomotion. This mobility is crucial in biomechanics, contributing to stability and load transmission from the upper body to the lower extremities.

The joint, which encompasses hyaline cartilage on the sacral side and fibrocartilage on the ilium side, introduces an intricate system that permits minor movements while maintaining rigidity. It’s understood that three types of movement occur in this area: nutation (nodding), counternutation (tilting backward), and small amounts of axial rotation.

Often overlooked, sacroiliac mobility plays a substantial role in comprehensive musculoskeletal health. Dysfunction can lead to pain and instability, highlighting its importance in clinical practice for diagnoses related to lower back pain or sciatica.

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