Reflexive Release

Reflexive Release is a physiological concept rooted in the premise of automatic response mechanisms within the human body. It signifies involuntary muscular contractions provoked by specific stimuli, acting as an internal safeguard to protect the body from potential harm.

The protocol for such reflexive actions is encoded deep within our nervous system. This process unfolds without conscious thought, exhibiting the fascinating intersection of neurology and physics at play within our bodies.

Noteworthy examples include the patellar reflex (knee-jerk reaction), where a swift tap to the patellar tendon prompts a leg kick, or the withdrawal reflex that pulls your hand away from a hot stove before your brain even registers pain. Reflexive Release underlines our body’s inherent wisdom and its ceaseless efforts towards self-preservation.

In therapeutic contexts, Reflexive Release techniques are employed to identify and rectify muscular imbalances or dysfunctions. They utilise these natural reflexes to facilitate healing and restore optimal function.

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