Range of Motion

Range of Motion is the distance and direction a joint or body part can move. It’s quantified in degrees via goniometry, which measures the angle at which a joint is flexed or extended. In clinical settings, it’s an integral assessment tool to determine the extent of injury, track recovery progress, or gauge the effectiveness of physical therapy.

The measurement of range of motion includes active, passive, and functional classifications. Active range involves movement performed independently by the individual without aid; passive entails assistance from another person or external force; functional refers to the motion necessary for daily activities.

The factors that influence range of motion include age, gender, and overall health status along with specific elements like muscle mass and elasticity, joint structure, and pain tolerance. A diminished range could signal conditions such as arthritis or tendonitis.

Physical therapists employ techniques such as stretching exercises and heat application to augment an individual’s range of motion. It’s a core component in rehabilitation programs post-surgery or injury.

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