Postural Integration

Postural Integration is a holistic process of psychotherapeutic bodywork that emphasizes the interconnectedness of physical posture and psychological well-being. Developed in the late 20th century by Jack W. Painter, Ph.D., this methodology employs deep tissue massage, breathing techniques, emotional release work and movement education to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

Incorporating elements from various disciplines including Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Reichian segmental theory and Rolfing, Postural Integration aims to dissolve muscular tension patterns that impede natural alignment and restrict emotional expression. It targets the fascial network within the body, which is believed to hold memories of past trauma, leading to distortions in physical stance and mental state.

Gradual restructuring of unbalanced musculature through this approach can result in improved postural alignment, increased bodily awareness and enhanced emotional resilience. Despite being less known than other bodywork therapies such as physiotherapy or osteopathy, Postural Integration offers a unique perspective on health by acknowledging the reciprocal relationship between our bodies’ structure and our mental health.

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