Positional Dysfunctions

Positional Dysfunctions are irregularities or abnormalities in the normal alignment or position of body parts, often resulting in pain, discomfort, and impaired function. These dysfunctions can occur in various parts of the body such as the spine, joints, and muscles due to a range of factors including injury, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle or congenital conditions.

The identification and treatment of positional dysfunctions often involve physical examinations, imaging studies like X-rays or MRIs, and therapeutic interventions such as physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, exercises or sometimes surgery. These procedures aim to restore normal alignment/functionality and alleviate symptoms.

In some instances, positional dysfunctions may lead to secondary health issues like chronic pain syndromes or impede an individual’s mobility. Various research studies have highlighted the importance of early detection and intervention in preventing long-term complications associated with these dysfunctions.

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