Physiological Movement

Physiological movement is the orchestrated motion induced by the living organism’s natural mechanisms, such as muscle contraction and relaxation, leading to purposeful locomotion or action. It encompasses a broad spectrum of activities in diverse species, from the simple twitching of single-celled organisms to the complex ambulation of humans. This motion emanates from intricate interactions between the nervous system and muscular apparatus, often modulated by endocrine and other factors.

The intrinsic rhythmicity in certain physiological movements, like heartbeat or respiration, underscores their autonomic control. These functions are critical for life sustenance, with any aberration potentially signalling pathological conditions. In contrast, voluntary movements such as walking or grasping stem from conscious decision making and involve higher brain centres.

An intricate aspect of physiological movement is its plasticity: the capacity to adapt based on environmental stimuli or learning processes. This adaptive nature underlies skills acquisition and motor rehabilitation post-injury. Lastly, abnormal physiological movements form a cardinal feature in numerous neurological disorders, offering valuable diagnostic information.

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