Pelvic alignment is the orientation and positioning of the hip bones in relation to the spine and lower limbs. This anatomical arrangement determines posture, movement efficiency, and balance, playing a significant role in physical health and performance.

Proper pelvic alignment is characterized by a neutral position where the anterior superior iliac spine (front top part of the hip bone) aligns with the pubic bone horizontally, without tilting forward or backward. It ensures optimal distribution of body weight, minimizes stress on joints and muscles, thus reducing risk of injuries.

In contrast, misalignment, often resulting from lifestyle factors or musculoskeletal conditions, can lead to discomfort and dysfunction. Common examples include anterior pelvic tilt where the front of the pelvis drops relative to the back; posterior pelvic tilt characterized by an upturned front part; left or right rotation; and lateral pelvic tilt where one hip is higher than the other.

Assessment techniques for pelvic alignment encompass palpation, goniometry measurements, visual analysis, and advanced imaging methods like radiography. Therapeutic interventions range from lifestyle modifications to physiotherapy exercises to surgical correction in severe cases.

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