Osteopathic Cranial Manipulative Medicine

Osteopathic Cranial Manipulative Medicine (OCMM) is a specialized field within osteopathy that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of health problems associated with the cranial system. This system includes the bones of the skull, face, spinal column, and sacrum as well as their interconnecting membranes and fluids. OCMM practitioners use gentle manual techniques to balance cerebral and spinal fluid flow.

Originating from the work of Dr. William Sutherland in the early 20th century, OCMM complements traditional osteopathic modalities by adding a unique perspective on body dynamics. It posits that subtle movements within the cranial system can influence overall physical health, especially in relation to neurological function.

While often practiced alongside other osteopathic techniques, OCMM holds its own distinct clinical approach. Its therapeutic applications extend beyond expected neurological issues to encompass a broad range of health conditions including migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorders, and even certain types of chronic pain.

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