Neurovascular Release

Neurovascular Release is a therapeutic technique within the realm of physical therapy and osteopathy. This method focuses on relieving tension in the body by manipulating soft tissues and aligning the musculoskeletal system, thereby improving blood circulation and neural function. It employs a combination of strategic manual pressure and movement to achieve this goal.

This procedure often targets fascia, the connective tissue surrounding muscles and organs, as it’s believed to have a profound impact on nerve health and vascular flow. By focusing on areas where nerves, vessels, and fasciae intersect, Neurovascular Release aims to facilitate optimal bodily function.

While not widely recognized in traditional medicine, proponents of Neurovascular Release argue its effectiveness in addressing a range of conditions such as chronic pain, circulatory problems, and neurological disorders. The process is often described as non-invasive, with benefits including increased mobility, reduced pain levels, and enhanced overall wellness.

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