Neuro-Lymphatic Points

Neuro-Lymphatic Points are specific spots on the human body linked to the lymphatic system and nervous system. These points, discovered in Applied Kinesiology, are used in therapeutic practices to boost the flow of lymph fluid and energy throughout the body. By stimulating these zones, practitioners aim to enhance overall health by aiding in detoxification, improving organ function, and balancing energy.

Locations of Neuro-Lymphatic Points vary across different body regions – encompassing chest, abdomen, back, arms, and legs – each correlating with a specific muscle or organ. Manipulation of these points is achieved through techniques such as massage or acupressure offering potential relief from physical discomforts or ailments.

In a broader perspective of health science, this concept introduces an integrated approach towards wellness. It offers a unique crossroad where nervous controls overlap with lymphatic functions – two systems traditionally considered separate in Western medicine. The understanding of Neuro-Lymphatic Points provides evidence for the interconnectivity within our bodies and encourages holistic treatments.

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