Motor Learning is a sub-discipline of neuroscience and psychology, studying the acquisition and refinement of skills through practice and experience. It encompasses the internal processes that lead to the production of new motor behavior, reflecting changes within the central nervous system.

The discipline distinguishes between two forms: non-associative learning, which involves habituation or sensitization, and associative learning, encompassing classical and operant conditioning. The latter is often studied using a variety of tasks, such as sequence learning or visuomotor adaptation.

The study of Motor Learning also delves into principles like specificity and transfer. Specificity relates to how training impacts exactly what is being trained, while transfer discusses how one skill influences another. Thus, it explores both the adaptability and specificity of human movement.

Motor Learning plays an integral role in physical rehabilitation therapies for individuals with motor disorders. By understanding these processes better, more effective interventions can be designed to help improve movement ability in those affected by neurological conditions or injuries.

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