Mandibular Adjustment is a dental procedure that rectifies the positioning of the lower jaw, or mandible, to improve oral function and/or facial aesthetics. The adjustment may be surgical – known as orthognathic surgery – or non-surgical, employing devices like braces or splints.

The need for Mandibular Adjustment arises from conditions such as Malocclusion (misalignment between upper and lower teeth when jaws are closed), Temporomandibular Joint disorders, sleep apnea, or facial deformities. The procedure aims to enhance mastication efficiency, speech clarity, and often alleviate pain associated with these disorders.

Despite its benefits, Mandibular Adjustment carries potential risks such as nerve damage leading to numbness in the lower lip or tongue, bleeding, infection or relapse of the condition. Therefore a comprehensive assessment of patient’s medical history and current health status is conducted before opting for this intervention.

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