Jones Strain-Counterstrain is a manual therapy technique, developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones, that focuses on pain relief through the gentle repositioning of dysfunctional structures. By identifying tender points and using passive body positioning, it aims to restore musculoskeletal and nervous system function.

Its central tenet revolves around the concept that painful responses are reflective of neurological dysfunction rather than structural issues. This approach marks a departure from conventional methods which often emphasize mechanical adjustments.

Therapists employing this technique use patient feedback as a guide for treatment, making it uniquely responsive and individualized. It has been applied in diverse fields including sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and osteopathy. Despite its wide application, it remains under-researched compared to other manual therapies.

The methodology’s potential extends beyond pain management; preliminary research suggests possible benefits in improving flexibility and postural alignment. The central role of the patient’s perception in this therapeutic intervention underscores the growing recognition of mind-body interconnections in health science.

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