Joint Play

Joint Play is a fundamental aspect of physical therapy, defined as the passive movement occurring between joint surfaces. This biomechanical phenomenon allows for the assessment and treatment of joint dysfunctions, ranging from hypomobility to hypermobility. Joint Play comprises various types of movements such as gliding, spinning, rolling and distraction. These movements are integral in maintaining the health and functionality of a joint.

Notably, Joint Play contributes to overall joint mobility – an indispensable factor in human locomotion. It influences factors like range of motion (ROM), flexibility and stability within a joint. Physical therapists often manipulate these intrinsic movements during manual therapy to alleviate pain, improve mobility or rehabilitate after an injury.

From an anatomical perspective, Joint Play is largely determined by the shape and congruency of articulating surfaces, the laxity of surrounding ligaments and capsule, and the tone of periarticular muscles. The understanding and application of Joint Play principles are cornerstones in orthopedic physical therapy.

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