Inherent Motility

“Inherent Motility” is the intrinsic capacity of an organism or a cell to move spontaneously and actively, consuming energy in the process. It is a fundamental property crucial for various biological functions ranging from cellular locomotion to higher-order processes such as tissue formation and organogenesis. The phenomenon can be observed in both unicellular and multicellular life forms, across all kingdoms of life.

The mechanisms powering inherent motility are diverse, often involving specialized molecular machines like flagella, cilia, pseudopods, or cytoskeletal components. In eukaryotes, actin-myosin interactions play a central role. This dynamic process allows cells to navigate their environment, respond to stimuli, and participate in complex behaviors such as predation or mating.

Notably differentiating it from passive movement induced by external forces, inherent motility is self-generated motion propelled by metabolic energy within the cell or organism itself. Its study spans multiple disciplines including cellular biology, biophysics and bioengineering and has implications for understanding disease pathology including cancer metastasis and immune response.

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