Global Postural Assessment

Global Postural Assessment is a scientific method employed to evaluate the alignment of various anatomical landmarks in order to identify musculoskeletal abnormalities. It involves the comprehensive observation and measurement of body alignment from an anterior, posterior, and lateral viewpoint, taking into account both static and dynamic postures. The technique serves as a fundamental tool in physical therapy, sports medicine and orthopedics for the diagnosis of conditions linked with poor posture such as musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

The assessment process leverages established reference points on the body’s surface to assess deviations from the ideal postural alignment. These include skeletal structures like the sternum, pelvis or patella, and soft tissues such as muscles or tendons. The method also considers compensatory mechanisms exhibited by individuals in response to misalignments.

After analysis, corrective measures can be designed to address identified imbalances, including targeted exercises or physiotherapy treatments. Global Postural Assessment offers valuable insights into an individual’s overall health status by providing a thorough understanding of their skeletal structure’s function and interaction.

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