“Folding Distortion” is a phenomenon observed in the field of signal and image processing, where an aliasing effect occurs due to undersampling. This leads to a perceptual warping or ‘folding’ of the frequency spectrum, causing high frequencies to appear as low frequencies and vice versa. It’s a distinct form of distortion that can have disruptive impacts on data analysis and interpretation, particularly in fields such as audio engineering and medical imaging.

Folding Distortion is inherently intertwined with Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, which states that a signal must be sampled at least twice its highest frequency to avoid this issue. Disregarding this rule results in Folding Distortion — an unavoidable byproduct of violating Nyquist rate.

In practical applications, such as audio recording or MRI scanning, mitigating Folding Distortion is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable data. Techniques such as oversampling and filtering are commonly employed to prevent or reduce its effects. Despite these challenges, understanding Folding Distortion provides valuable insights into the intricacies of digital signal processing.

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