Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics is the branch of physics that explores the behavior of fluids in motion. It draws upon principles from both Newtonian mechanics and thermodynamics to study phenomena such as fluid flow, turbulence, and wave propagation. A vital component of many scientific and engineering disciplines, it finds application in areas ranging from meteorology to aeronautics.

Two central concepts in Fluid Dynamics are viscosity and compressibility. Viscosity measures a fluid’s resistance to shear or angular deformation, while compressibility quantifies its susceptibility to changes in pressure. The Navier-Stokes equations, named after Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes, govern the motion of viscous, compressible fluids.

The study also includes non-Newtonian fluids which exhibit properties not accounted for by classical theory. These complex fluids—such as suspensions, emulsions or foams—defy Newton’s law of viscosity leading to intriguing phenomena like shear-thickening or shear-thinning behavior.

In modern physics, Fluid Dynamics intersects with quantum mechanics in the field of superfluidity—a state where matter behaves like a fluid with zero viscosity.

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