Fascial Planes

Fascial Planes are membranous layers of connective tissue that envelop, separate, and support the muscles and internal organs of the body. This anatomical structure facilitates independent movement between different parts of the body while maintaining order and structural integrity. Comprised primarily of collagen, fascial planes also play a role in transmitting mechanical tension, contributing to the body’s overall stability.

Their importance in surgical procedures is underscored by their role as navigational landmarks. Surgeons use these planes to guide them in minimizing damage to nearby structures during operations. In addition to surgical relevance, they participate in physiological processes such as fluid flow and pain transmission, underscoring their integrative function within the human body.

In recent years, research has shown that fascial planes have a significant influence on movement mechanics and postural stability. Recognition of this fact has led to novel therapeutic approaches in physiotherapy and sports medicine aimed at optimizing functional activity through targeted manipulation of these planes.

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