Fascia is a tissue of connectivity, enveloping the body’s muscles, organs, nerves, and vessels in a continuous web-like structure. This complex network provides structural support and protection to internal components while playing a role in physiological processes such as force transmission and fluid dynamics.

Beyond its protective function, fascia has been found to possess contractile properties, contributing to movement and stability. Its extensibility allows for the accommodation of swelling and movement while its resilience aids in shock absorption.

The study of fascia has revealed its influence on pain perception due to its rich innervation. It serves as a communication network between different parts of the body, hence affecting overall function. Recent findings suggest that it may play roles in proprioception and interoception—our sense of position in space and internal bodily sensations respectively.

Fascia’s unique composition—primarily collagenous fibers interspersed with elastin—provides it with remarkable tensile strength whilst maintaining flexibility. Its viscoelastic nature also contributes to mechanical homeostasis within the body.

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