Embryological development is the biological process during which an embryo forms and develops. It commences with fertilization, when the sperm and egg unite to form a zygote, and continues until birth in mammals, or hatching in oviparous organisms. This vital period encompasses cell division, cellular differentiation and morphogenesis – shaping of the organism. The resultant multicellular organism exhibits distinct characteristics such as bilateral symmetry, segmentation and anatomical form.

The embryonic stage marks rapid growth, where cells proliferate exponentially, followed by gastrulation that creates three germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. These germ layers give rise to all tissues and organs of the adult organism through processes known as organogenesis. For example, the ectoderm will form skin cells and neurons; mesoderm contributes to muscle cells and blood cells; endoderm produces gut lining cells.

The regulatory mechanisms underlying embryological development include genetic control via specific DNA sequences and epigenetic factors like DNA methylation or histone modification that affect gene expression without altering the genetic code itself. Environmental elements can also influence development through physical stimuli or chemical signals such as hormones.

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