Disc Displacement

Disc Displacement is a medical condition characterized by the displacement of an intervertebral disc in the spine. This phenomenon can occur in any part of the spine but mainly affects the lumbar and cervical regions, resulting in pain, discomfort, and limited mobility. Disc displacement can be categorized into two types: contained (disc bulge or protrusion) and non-contained (disc extrusion or sequestration). Factors such as age, physical strain, obesity, and genetic predisposition contribute to its occurrence.

The onset of disc displacement often presents with acute or chronic back pain, which may radiate to other parts of the body depending on the affected nerve roots. A notable feature is that symptoms may vary from negligible to severe based on the degree of displacement.

Diagnosis typically involves imaging studies like MRI or CT scans for visual confirmation. Therapeutic approaches encompass conservative management involving rest, physiotherapy, medication; while resistant cases might necessitate surgical intervention such as discectomy or spinal fusion.

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