Cranial Sutures

Cranial sutures are fibrous joints that connect the bones of the skull. These intricate structures, found only in the skulls of mammals, allow for brain growth during infancy and early childhood stages while maintaining skull rigidity. They are distinguished by their unique zigzag configuration which provides mechanical strength and resilience to the skull.

There are four major cranial sutures: the sagittal, coronal, lambdoid, and squamosal sutures. Each contributes to the distinctive contours of the human cranium and plays a specific role in its protection. For example, the sagittal suture runs along the midline of the skull, connecting two parietal bones, while the coronal suture connects frontal bone with both parietals.

The fusion of these sutures varies among individuals but generally occurs from late adolescence through early adulthood. Delayed or premature closure can lead to a host of cranial deformities such as plagiocephaly or scaphocephaly – conditions that may affect brain development and need prompt medical attention.

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