Cranial Nerves

Cranial nerves are a set of twelve paired peripheral nerves that originate directly from the brain. These nerves have unique roles in the human nervous system, with functions ranging from sensory input to motor control over various facial muscles and other parts of the body. Cranial nerves are named and numbered based on their location, starting from the front of the brain to the back.

The first two cranial nerves arise from the cerebrum while the remaining ten emerge from the brain stem. Each nerve has a specific distribution area and function; some provide purely sensory or motor functions, while others carry both sensory and motor information. The tasks they perform include vision, olfaction (smell), hearing, balance, taste, swallowing, speech, neck and shoulder movements among others.

Clinically, cranial nerve dysfunction may manifest as loss of sensation or muscle strength, paralysis or changes in pupil size and eye movement. Examination of these nerves is an integral part of neurological examination as it provides vital insights into conditions such as stroke, tumours or infections that may affect them.

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