Counterstrain points are specific areas on the human body utilized in osteopathic manipulative medicine, specifically in the counterstrain technique. This method, developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones in 1955, involves identifying tender points and manipulating them to alleviate discomfort and improve overall health. It is a passive position of comfort that repositions body segments to reduce inappropriate proprioceptor activity in the neuromuscular system.

The technique is based on the idea that these points reflect abnormal neuromuscular reflexes caused by inflammation, trauma or other bodily stresses. The number of such points varies from person to person and can be found all over the body—muscles, ligaments, joints amongst others. By applying gentle pressure or stretching at these sites, practitioners aim to restore normal reflex activity and promote healing.

Despite its widespread use within osteopathy, counterstrain point therapy remains a subject of ongoing scientific investigation due to its unique approach towards pain management and treatment.

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