Chapman's Reflexes

“Chapman’s Reflexes” are specific skin and fascial points that correlate with internal organ dysfunction, discovered by osteopathic physician Frank Chapman in the early 20th century. These reflex points, when tender to palpation, can indicate a corresponding pathology within the body.

The concept revolves around neurolymphatic reflex points; palpating these areas can provide diagnostic clues and help guide treatment. The existence of Chapman’s Reflexes underscores the holistic approach to human health, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all body systems.

Despite skepticism due to limited scientific evidence, many practitioners successfully utilize this technique in clinical practice. While primarily employed in osteopathy, Chapman’s Reflexes have implications for physical therapy, massage therapy and other health disciplines.

In-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology is prerequisite for accurate utilization of these reflex points. This model highlights a unique aspect of patient care – integrating manual diagnostics into a comprehensive therapeutic approach.

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