Autonomic Plexus is a complex network of interconnected nerve cells, vital in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. These networks, termed ganglia, are instrumental in orchestrating involuntary physiological responses across diverse organ systems. The autonomic plexuses include prominent structures such as the cardiac plexus, celiac plexus, and pulmonary plexus. Their role extends to modulating heart rhythm, regulating gastrointestinal motility, and controlling bronchoconstriction.

The Autonomic Plexus plays an integral part in maintaining homeostasis by mediating signals between the central nervous system and peripheral organs. This includes modulation of both sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways – dual components that contrastingly accelerate or slow down bodily functions respectively.

Anomalies in the autonomic plexus can lead to disorders like dysautonomia, affecting millions globally. Exploration of these neural highways through techniques like neuroimaging has expanded our understanding about their intricate role within human physiology.

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