Altered Biomechanics

Altered Biomechanics is the deviation from normal functional or structural characteristics of the body’s mechanical system. This state may stem from congenital anomalies, injuries, diseases, or surgical interventions, all causing a disruption to the optimal functioning of this intricate system. Manifestations range across a broad physiological spectrum, including gait irregularities, impaired motor control, and decreased physical performance.

Within the realm of clinical diagnostics and therapeutic strategies, understanding altered biomechanics is paramount. It acts as an essential reference point for practitioners in fields like physical therapy and orthopedics. Its study helps identify dysfunctional patterns within the human musculoskeletal system that contribute to pain or diminished functionality.

Research in this area extends into numerous disciplines such as sports science and biomedical engineering where it can inform preventative measures against athletic injuries or guide development of prosthetic devices respectively.

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