Flexibility And Joint Mobility With Osteopathy

Do you ever feel like your body is a bit stiff and inflexible? Does it sometimes feel hard to move your joints freely? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves in this situation, especially as they get older. However, there are ways to combat this stiffness and lack of mobility.

One solution is osteopathy. Osteopathy is a form of holistic medicine that focuses on helping people achieve better flexibility and joint mobility. It can be incredibly effective in improving your overall quality of life.


What is flexibility and joint mobility?


The functional capacity of a joint or series of joints to move through an unrestricted, pain-free range of motion is referred to as flexibility. Although flexibility varies significantly between people, specific minimum ranges are required to maintain joint and overall health.



The ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion is defined as mobility.

Other factors, such as how far the joint can move within its joint capsule, also influence your mobility. The nervous system is also involved in determining our level of motor control.

For example, your body may attempt to “protect” you by tightening specific muscles. This, in turn, limits the range of motion through the joints to which they are attached.



What is the importance of flexibility and mobility?

Most people take muscular flexibility and joint range of motion for granted, and they are rarely a significant focus in fitness and training programs, even though they are a major precursor to injury and a limiting factor in sporting performance.

Flexibility is a significant component of physical fitness and has numerous health benefits. It improves mobility, posture, and muscle coordination, lowering the risk of injury and muscle soreness. It even enhances the overall body shape.


The benefits of flexibility and joint mobility

Maintaining joint mobility helps to keep you healthy, reduces pain, and lowers the risk of injury.

A more flexible person can perform longer and more consistently, whereas a less flexible person who pushes themselves to a high level is more likely to injure themselves.

Mobility is critical for improving movement quality and strength. Lifting a weight through a range of motion will make you stronger and safer if your body can comfortably achieve that position.

You will benefit from improved athletic performance because your body can perform for more extended periods since your muscles can function optimally without compensating from poor mechanics.

Increased flexibility will also benefit your athletic performance. You’ll have more joint range of motion, which reduces load and risk.

You’ll be less fatigued if your muscles and joints work optimally.

Flexibility And Joint Mobility With Osteopathy | Foundation Health

Does flexibility increase joint mobility?

Flexibility does improve joint mobility. Flexibility will benefit your joints by allowing you to move more freely. Muscle flexibility is an essential component of mobility because it enhances the ability of your muscles to move your joints. When the muscles and tissues surrounding a joint are overly tight, it causes more internal body resistance to joint motion.



How can I improve my flexibility and mobility?

Static stretching improves flexibility by isolating specific tight muscle groups, releasing muscular tension.

Everyone should include general mobility exercises in their warm-up and cool-down routine. These may consist of deep squats, hip hinges, thoracic extension and rotation exercises.

Mobility exercises must be used in conjunction with other activities. They will not, however, be effective if you use them when you have an underlying stability issue, either at the stiff segment or elsewhere in the body.

When combined with osteopathy in a sensible, principle-based approach, they can play an important role in regaining and improving flexibility and mobility.

Once you’re moving correctly, full range of motion strength training is likely the best way to maintain and improve flexibility and joint mobility.


Osteopathic treatment for flexibility and joint mobility

Your osteopath can assess your general movement, posture, pelvic and spinal alignment, flexibility, musculature, and joint mobility through a thorough physical examination. This evaluation will allow them to develop a suitable treatment plan for your specific needs.

Your osteopath looks at your entire body, creating a holistic treatment plan to address the imbalance and strengthen not only the areas of pain or discomfort but also the supporting areas of your body, working to reduce inflammation, increase performance and mobility, and prevent future illness or injury.

Flexibility And Joint Mobility With Osteopathy | Foundation Health

Final thoughts on flexibility and joint mobility with osteopathy

Flexibility and mobility enable you to position your body in the most secure and favourable position for using your strength. 

Osteopathy is a great way to improve your flexibility and joint mobility. The gentle, hands-on approach of osteopathy can help you achieve a better range of motion and flexibility while relieving tension and pain.

Osteopathy may be the right choice if you’re looking for a way to improve your flexibility and joint mobility!


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