Remedial Massage Therapist

Anton Leith

Diploma at Massage Schools of Queensland in 2015
Provider No: A022485L

Anton is a massage therapist from Scotland who has a passion for learning about the body and mind. He has worked as a remedial massage therapist since completing his diploma at massage schools of Queensland in 2015.

He is a versatile therapist and the massage that he gives will be uniquely attuned to each person. At times it can be deeply relaxing, and can help one to get in touch with a state of peace, rest and calm. At other times a session may involve deep tissue, trigger point work, myofascial release or muscle energy techniques to bring about a sense of openness and freedom.

Anton has worked with a range of different clients - from athletes to chronic pain sufferers, and has a special interest in working with depression, stress and anxiety.

Anton has had a solid meditation practice for many years now and will often utilise mindfulness techniques to aid in his treatments.


When he is not massaging, you are likely to find him studying some book about consciousness, practicing yoga, running on the beach, or off on a meditation retreat.

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