With a change of season comes a change in attitude. As you find yourself thinking about shedding the winter coat with a change in diet and exercise, those little aches and pains come into the back of your mind. Don’t let those injuries or niggles stop you from getting into a healthier lifestyle. Take action and think about seeking some guidance from a trained professional to help improve your function before embarking on a health kick. Foundation health Integrative health Clinic aims to provide a tailored patient centred approach through Osteopathy and exercise physiology.

Osteopathy and Exercise Physiology are both great ways of restoring balance in the body. Osteopathy uses hands on techniques to help restore range of motion, decrease tension and pain. Exercise physiologists are university qualified experts in prescribing the right exercises for your body. Brett Robinson is an accredited exercise physiologist whom has the expertise to guide you through the process of identifying your goals, analyzing your weaknesses and designing creative and effective strength and conditioning programs to challenge your body, improve mobility, strengthen core muscle groups and enhance overall body efficiency. Private and semi private sessions  with Brett will provide the luxury of personalized assessment and you will learn the fundamentals of how your body moves and understand how correct techniques will enhance your results.

The Exercise rehabilitation provided by Brett is integrated with the treatments provided by the Osteopaths at foundation health says Andy Mcleod (Osteopath), this regular communication between practitioners is the professional supportive care which helps you achieve comprehensive results, to help optimise your health, function and overall well being. Contact foundation health on 6681 6249 to make an appointment to kick start your health challenge for this spring.


Call in and speak to Foundation Health’s experienced and passionate osteopaths, who strongly endorse a healthy, holistic approach to physical wellness and find a solution that is tailored to your individual needs. Optimise your health through Osteopathy, phone 6681 6249 today to make an appointment today.

Foundation Health have a team of qualified Osteopaths ready to treat you. Located in Ballina (in The Northern Rivers), we service clients from Lismore, Byron Bay & Mullumbimby.