6 Ways To Improve Your Digestive Health Right Now

Most of us don’t take the time these days to sit with a meal, chew it well or eat in good company. We are usually eating at our desks, eating on the run, multi-tasking or not eating at all. The joy and very nature of food as nourishment has been lost for many, and this is not helped by the popularisation of quick convenience foods and ‘food’ like foods, which trick us into thinking it’s okay to eat them as quickly as they can be purchased. The truth is real food takes time to prepare, just like it should take time to be eaten, and here is why – […]

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Get moving with Foundation Health

Is your body a source of delight and joy? Or does your body cause you pain and distress?  Do you wake up light and fresh and ready to face the new day?  Or do you crawl from under the covers, groan with pain and slowly straighten up with a face full of grimaces? Human beings [...]

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Osteopathy Can Help You!

Osteopathy is a system of health care that focuses on treatment of the physical body, the joints, muscles and connective tissue with 'hands on' techniques such as soft tissue techniques, stretching, manipulation as well as gentle ligamentous balancing and fascial techniques. A treatment will incorporate postural advice, exercise and rehabilitation prescription, as well as any [...]

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Spring into Health with Foundation Health

With a change of season comes a change in attitude. As you find yourself thinking about shedding the winter coat with a change in diet and exercise, those little aches and pains come into the back of your mind. Don’t let those injuries or niggles stop you from getting into a healthier lifestyle. Take action [...]

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Introduction to Foundation Health

Foundation health Integrative health Clinic aims to provide a tailored patient centred approach through Osteopathy, naturopathy and exercise rehabilitation services. Grounded by evidence base practise the experienced team at Foundation Health are passionate about health and offer professional supportive care to help you optimise your health to reach you potential! The focus at Foundation health [...]

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